Statement by MamboViewPoint Eco Lodge in Response of
Inuendo, Libels and ill motive Trending Video By Dagmara Ikiert

November 10th 2023

We are Marion and Herman, Owners of MamboViewPoint Eco lodge in Mambo Tanzania

We are based in Mambo, Tanzania for 16 years and with our lodge and community projects in health care,
education, water and entrepreneurship we established a significant economic improvement which improved the quality of life of many of our villagers.

We want to reply on the weird, inuendo, libels and ill motive video which is spread by our former tenant Dagmara Ikiert from Poland who came to us with false arguments and now is trying to destroy our project in favor of her new started guesthouse.

Why should we hire or employ people to burn down our own lodge and our life’s work?

Read the report of the fire brigade which shows how the staff of Dagmara mobilized villagers where some of their leaders allowed them to lute and burn our lodge with a total damage of over Tzs 1 bln ($ 500,000)

Don’t think that we would end the lease for only a little unpaid rent.

How could we continue the lease after it appeared that Dagmara serious breached our lease agreement in several ways? Dagmara and her director Abdul Kaniki are serious suspected from various crimes, like a huge tax evasion, embezzling of community funds, misuse of scholarships, being involved in politics, mobilizing villagers, stealing from MvP and using violence and death threats against us as owners.

Since the matter is still in court we cannot say much about the details

About the trending Video

Be assured that we ended the lease due to serious breach of contract and she was evicted on legal grounds. The villagers were wrongly informed and set up against MamboViewPoint to attack and put it on fire. A lot of wrong information and personal interests are at plan which is so misleading.

We as owners of MamboViewPoint regret to see all these misleading statements and false accusations being spread. It is so easy to use social media to trick people! But we own the lodge which we have now for 16 years. Also this is registered with the TIC (Tanzanian Investment Center). We are available for anyone to ask questions and we look forward to welcome you again soon in this beautiful place.

We are deeply shocked and disappointed that someone we have welcomed in our lodge has completely abused/misused our trust/hospitality/good will and betrayed us, our projects, the community and supporters of MamboViewPoint Eco Lodge.

We are now rebuilding this truly beautiful place to welcome visitors and tourists to the lodge soon.

We trust justice will be done and are working hard with the government officials to ensure that safety,  peace and harmony will be restored again soon.

Thank you for your attention
Yours, in building a better Tanzania,
Herman Erdtsieck and Marion Neidt
Owners of MamboViewPoint eco Lodge


The reaminings from our main building

The UVI-house from the UVI foundation where Dagmara is exploring a guesthouse (In the backgrouind MamboViewPoint)