Where the idea came from?

“Some may call this place “end of the world”  but you made it a new beginning for a lot of people.”

Mambo View Project has been initiated 11 years ago by two amazing individuals Marion and Herman, formerly from the Netherlands but now permanent living in Mambo. With one idea in mind that they would like to leave the world a bit better than they’ve found it, after travelling through many countries, working with multiple development agencies  and being disappointed with all the waste of the Aid money spent on expensive cars and offices, they decided to leave behind their comfortable life in Europe in order to start a new adventure in Tanzania. 
And it’s the village of Mambo that became a stable, safe and green base from where the Eco Lodge emerged and all the development projects aiming to improve people’s quality of life saw the daylight. 
In Kiswahili “Mambo Poa!” means “very good!”, and a local story says that once upon a time a huge rock fell down from the mountain and people were so astonished by the beauty of the spot that the village was called Mambo. So we called our lodge MamboViewPoint, Mambo for the village and something good and viewpoint because of the stunning view over the African plains and mountains, but also because of our vision regarding development.