Hiking & Walking

Our guides will happily accompany you for 3-7 days walks in the Usambaras in order to show you the diversity of this land. Hike from Mombo to Mambo for 5 days or choose the Rangwi round walk for a less intense experience. All of our hikes will undercover the world of the Sambaa culture and the wonderful mountain flora and fauna.

Please note that our knowledgeable guides are locally trained and by choosing to hike with them you contribute to the protection of the natural reserves, to the development of the local community and you are making sure that your adventure is safe, well organized and reasonable priced. They will provide you with maps, GPS coordinates and all the explanations that you may need in order to explore the region. However, if you decide to hike with your own guide, please be aware that any unfortunate situations that might occur will be at your own responsibility.  

Accommodation is always carefully chosen with a variety of home stays, convents and lodges. Or choose from one of our signature day or half day walks:

  • Shagayu rain forest with its stunning waterfall, biodiversity, magnificent chameleons and Colobus monkeys
  • Mambo Caves with their millions of years long history of protecting local inhabitants
  • Mambo Footprints, marks from Homo Erectus with an intense climb back to the lodge