The Usambara mountains are home to over 280 bird species. Our bird experts unravel the hidden world of farmland, forest and cliffs’ flying jewels.

On a half day mountain and cliff walk weavers, chats, waxbills, robin-chats, swifts, shrikes and betides are often spotted. Down the valley, where the vegetation is denser you can see crombecs, barbets, bulbuls, boubous and starlings.

During a hike to the forest, you might enjoy the colourful sunbirds, greenbelts or warblers. Inside of the cloud forest, birding is challenging but we will be looking for “bird parties” where many species congregate and feed together. On a walk along the natural meadows, fields, woodland and rocky slopes, you get a chance to admire the stunning Cinnamon-breasted Bunting and raptors (with a little luck, even the rare Taita Falcon), as well as Mocking Cliffchat, tchagras, canaries, warblers, Dusky Turtle-Dove and many more. As a bird lover, you may want to consider a safari in the Mkomazi Natural Park as it is a real oasis for several bird species with bird migrations and unique peacefulness, not seen in the other parks in Tanzania.