Mambo View Point is a genuine Eco Lodge situated in the Usambara mountains, just 2 hours drive from Lushoto, near the village of Mambo. The Lodge is a unique project and a new model for development, at the same time providing you with an authentic and unforgettable experience of the mountains and rural Tanzania.

Our goals:

  • encourage entrepreneurship by stimulation and healthy environment 
  • improve economics not provide aid
  • create a chain of employment
  • educate the travelers about the life conditions of local communities, their challenges and the idea of sustainable development and tourism 
  • eco-friendly approach by respect for nature  but also intensive  involvement with the well being of the local community
  • empower people by helping with a little push, some advice, tools or a loan

As development is not a one item issue but everything is interrelated, projects in many fields have been initiated in the past years:

Education – no development without knowledge 
Health care – no improvement without a good health 
Infrastructure – no good life quality without water, roads and communication infrastructure 
Entrepreneurship – development by a good use of available resources

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