Our literally and figurative top location, comfort with a stunning  270 degree view over the great plains of Africa.

MamboViewPoint Studio cottages Kiliview

  • Spacious cottage, build on the top of our mountain.
  • Makuti roof
  • A spacious platform with a breathtaking view, during clear weather even the Kilimanjaro can be seen.
  • Self contained with toilet, shower and basin.
  • Nice double bed with solid mattress
  • Space for two extra single beds
  • Small kitchen with gas-cooker
  • Big glass windows in front to enable the view from your bed and during taking a shower.
  • Solar lights
  • Ideal for a romantic stay during your honeymoon.
   "Where to start... obviously such a stunning place and the memories of eating
     breakfast from the front of the cottage watching the sun reach across the
                                        lowlands will take a big time to fade!"