If you really want an exceptional stunning stay you can rent our Mbokoi house. Mbokoi is Swahili for banana tree. The house is situated on the top of the Mbokoi cliff next to our Mountain with a stunning 360 degrees view. Because the cliff is behind our mountain out of the wind it has a tropical climate.
    MamboViewPoint Mbokoi house
a place you were thinking you only could have dreamed of!
Highlights:                                                    click here for the pictures!
  • Spacious house, build on the top of our cliff.
  • Living room, hall, bathroom and sleeping room.
  • Bathroom with bath and shower Bath with a view!
  • Makuti roof
  • A spacious platform with a breathtaking view, during clear weather even the Kilimanjaro can be seen.
  • Nice double bed with solid mattress
  • Extra double bed in the living room available.
  • Space for an extra single bed as well.
  • Small kitchen with gas-cooker
  • Big glass windows all around to enable the view from your bed and during taking a shower.
  • Tropical garden
  • Solar lights and battery charging station
  • luxury without a huge footprint
  • Room service available
There are two options to rent the MbokoiHouse:

       1. Full service (inclusive full board, drinks, day tours)
       2. Self contained (without service. (self cooking is possible)

Rates on special request only
 Ask for a quotation
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