The Grass roof Kiliview cottages are built nearly invisible in the mountain.
We have small ones for max three beds and spacy ones for max 4 beds.

MamboViewPoint Grass roof cottages Kiliview

  • Spacious cottage, build in the slope of our mountain.
  • Grass roof. It's even possible to put a small tent on the roof f.e. for the kids.
  • A spacious platform with a breathtaking view, during clear weather even the Kilimanjaro can be seen.
  • Self contained with toilet, shower and basin.
  • Nice double bed with solid mattresses
  • Space for one (or two in the + houses) extra single beds
  • Big glass windows in front to enable the view from your bed and the shower.
  • Solar lights

      "We stayed in the Speciehouse which was very nice and warm"

Our grassroof cottages have realy fresh grass!