Amani is the ideal family house, located on a stunning part on the shoulder of our mountain. It is specially meant for families and the up-market.
    MamboViewPoint Amani
a stunning place at the shoulder of our mountain!

  • Spacious house, build on the shoulder of our mountain.
  • Living room,  bathroom and two sleeping rooms.
  • Very quiet since it is behind the mountain
  • Makuti roof
  • A spacious platform with a breathtaking view, during clear weather even the Kilimanjaro can be seen.
  • Nice beds with solid mattress
  • Extra bunkbeds for the kids.
  • Small kitchen with gas-cooker
  • Big glass windows all around to enable the view from your bed and during taking a shower.
  • Solar lights and battery charging station
  • Luxury without a huge footprint
  • Room service available
There are two options to rent LaSmoeff:

       1. Private, alone or with your family or friends
       2. Shared with a private bedroom but shared living and bathroom

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