Thank you for these amazing days at MamboViewPoint! We were immediately stunned by the beauty of MamboViewPoint. The view, the weather, the food, the hospitality, the hiking, all spectacular!! What an amazing delight to find you at the top of the mountain. We were very happy to stay in one of the most beautiful places of Tanzania.      
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MamboViewPoint Rates 2017 (USD) click here for 2018

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Prices (B&B) Prices in USD, payment possible in Dollars, Shillings, Euros or credit card
rates exclusive new levies established after July 2013
More day packages inclusive transfer from/to Arusha and from/to Pangani or Zanzibar
 Affordable safaris to Serengeti/Morogoro/Manyara
 More days Hiking and trekking in the Usambara Mountains
Our recommendations for other hotels on your way
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from July 2016 all rates have 18% VAT included

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Accomodation per night in USD
incl. breakfast, excl TDL (tax)
(USD 1.50 per night per person)

LOW season HIGH season ALL seasons
B&B Dec10-Jan10
Eastern, July-Aug***
2 prs
1 prs
2 prs
1 prs
 All-In Packages (3 nights or more)
  First person $ 120 every person more $ 60 (all per day)
  +60 120 +60 120 incl. incl. incl.
Studio Cottage KiliView
picture 110 80 130 90 incl. 10 15
Grassroof Cottage KiliView
picture 90 70 110 80 incl. 10 15
  Mountain Cottage KiliView picture 90 70 110 80 incl. 10 15
  LaSmoeff (Family House)
      private use, 2 bedrooms
picture 200 160 220 200 incl. 10 15
  LaSmoeff (Family House) 
     1 bedroom, bathroom and
     shared livingroom
picture 110 80 120 90 incl. 10 15
Luxury Tent with beds
picture 60 45 75 50 incl. 10 15
Extra bed
(cottages max. 2 beds, Luxury Tents max. 1 bed)
  20   25 incl. 10 15
Stay with a farmer*
picture 45 35 45 35 incl. 6 10
Shared bedroom**
picture - 30 - 40 incl. 10 15
Place for friends of Mambo
picture - 25 - 25 incl. incl. incl.
picture only in packages
Bacpackers option in shared bedroom or
small MamboViewPoint tent
picture   30   35 incl. incl. incl.
  Mbokoi House (TOP location on a cliff) picture Rates Mbkoi House on special request
Prices for stay below exclude breakfast
Camping in own tent
8 15
7 10 15
picture 10 8 15 10 7 10 15
Overlander truck
  - 8 - 10 7 10 15
*   On request we can mediate to find a local room in the Village Mambo or Mtae.
**  Only in exceptional cases. For cheap stays we can arrange a local guesthouse.
*** Extra surcharge for Xmas(Dec25) and NewYearsEve(Dec31) activities and snacks: $10 pp Children $5
Various  (all seasons)
 Extended lunch 5 (hot meal) extra per person
Children below 5 on mattress or small bed in
parents' room
10 including full board
 Children below 5 in parents bed
 and  with own food
Children below 13
50% discount
Residents (non-Tanzanians living or working in Tanzania)
  5% discount on stay (not on food & other)
Citizens (Tanzanian passport) and volunteers
10% discount on stay (not on food & other)
Internet via WiFi on own device 
Guide per half-day trip
20 (max. 6 persons)
 Guide per day trip   30 (max. 6 persons)
Professional birding guide (max. 5 persons)
  150 per day (to book in advance)
  10 per day
Entry Shagayu forest 
  10 pp 
Entry caves and footprints (village
development fund) 
  5 pp 
Mountain bike rental 
  25 per day
 Mountain bike rental    15 per half a day
Mountain bikes return to/from Lushoto incl.
transport of luggage
  60 per trip (max. 4 bikes)
 Walk Mombo to Mambo or part of   120
per day 1 person incl. guide, food,
 transport of luggage, stay
 Walk Mombo to Mambo or part of   180
per day 2 persons incl. guide, food,
 transport of luggage, stay
 HomeStays cultural experience   720 4 nights incl 2 stays @ MvP 2 persons, meals and guide
 GPS tracks for walk Mombo2Mambo
 incl. hotel reservation and backup
only in combination with stay
@ MamboViewPoint for
at least 2 nights
Other day-walks or tours 
    on request
Natural healer 
  10 max. 2 prs one "treatment"
Transport (max. 3 persons, prices approx. only, and can differ due to external reasons such as petrol prices,
                      Minibus max. 7 persons + 50%)

Ask for special rates for taxi fares in combination with your stay @ MamboViewPoint!

Local (Mtae/Shagayu forest) 
  30 back and forwards
Tanga or Tanga airport
Pangani (north of ferry) 
Pagani (south of ferry) 
Mkundi Mbaru (pickup after walking down)
  150   incl. visit to Ndungu lake 
 Dar es Salaam 380  
 Arusha 350  
 Nat parks area behind Arusha 450  
 Safari trips (1 or 2 prs)    incl. park fees (USD 30 pp)
 1 day Mkomazi national park 600  round trip or drop off or start in Same
Moshi via Mkomazi national park
 Arusha via Mkomazi national park 750  

More information about safari's

 Special offer 2014
Reduced transport
between Lushoto and MamboViewPoint if you book four or more nights.*
* Paying in advance and not for camping guests. For max 3 prs $25 one prs $35. Possibly sharing with other guests or with our supplies.


"If our schedule only permitted we would have stayed for a long, long time."."
General conditions
» Payment: Payment in advance for half of the B&B rates is required to secure all reservations. (One night reservations and camping 100%)
Payment for the balance, food, guided tours etc. can be made at the end of your stay.
Sender is responsible for all bank transfer fees. Non-accommodation payments incurred at the hotel are accepted preferable in Tanzanian Shillings, but also Euros or USD, credit card or electronic bank transfers (subject to hotel exchange rates).

Please note that, due to the fact that local banks do not accept USD notes dated prior to 2006, we also are unable to accept them.

Cancellation Policy
Because of the high banking costs there is no refund in case of down payment of 50% or less or 100% in case of one night stay or camping.

In all other cases the down payment over 50% will be refunded minus the banking costs if the cancellation is not more than 14 days before the first day of the booking. In case of 14 days or less before the stay no refund is possible.

Please read our disclaimer before you make a reservation.
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