Thank you for these amazing days at MamboViewPoint! We were immediately stunned by the beauty of MamboViewPoint. The view, the weather, the food, the hospitality, the hiking, all spectacular!! What an amazing delight to find you at the top of the mountain. We were very happy to stay in one of the most beautiful places of Tanzania.      
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Enjoy the Shagayu rainforest near MamboViewPoint

MamboViewPoint Shagayu forest

more info:   Kideghe peak (2 day walk)
Kideghe falls  (2 hr walk)
Shagayu photo album
About the Shagayu forest

ShagayuThe Chagayu forest is an very old natural forest. The forest is 19.574 acre (about 10.000 Ha) protected and more untouched than other forests near crowdie Lushoto.

The national forest was established already in 1908 by the German colonisers and are managed by the central government. Besides of the important value for the biodiversity the forests are important for water catchments. You find very old huge trees and a wide variety of plants and small animals.

Biologists claim that the forests of the Usambaras are some of the richest biological communities in Africa. One botanical inventory listed 684 indigenous tree species in the Usambaras. Of these 195 were endemic or near endemic, which means that they are only found in the Usambara Mountains and another 275 species were confined to the so-called “Eastern arc” mountains. The eastern arc forests are richer in bio diversity than any other forest ecosystems on the continent. The likely reason for the high bio-diversity is that the topography and the climate has allowed for millions of years of continuity, with plants species being able to slowly migrate up or down the slopes as the climate changes.
 [source: Ten million trees later by Lars Johansson]
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