Thank you for these amazing days at MamboViewPoint! We were immediately stunned by the beauty of MamboViewPoint. The view, the weather, the food, the hospitality, the Hiking, all spectacular!! What an amazing delight to find you at the top of the mountain. We were very happy to stay in one of the most beautiful places of Tanzania.
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MamboViewPoint takes Eco serious

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community work

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MamboViewPoint supports all organizations who want to promote eco- and sustainable tourism. Some of them are rating lodges. MamboViewPoint is rated in the highest qualifications of different eco organizations.
Note: Because we want to spend as much as possible  on our projects and are a small scale lodge we are not among the rich an wealthy who are paying for memberships or ratings.
Eco Hotels of the World

The ultimate independent guide to the greenest hotels and lodges on the planet. Find the best green hotels and eco lodges or the ultimate eco-chic retreats.

MamboViewPoint got the maximum 5-green star rating

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Eco tropical resorts
Eco-tropical resorts is the place for environmentally friendly hotels in the Tropics. Find the Eco Lodge or Eco Resort of your dreams on this ecotourism hotel lodging directory.
MamboViewPoint got a 4 star rating (not 5 because we had no written policy yet)
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click Eco Rating.
Ecoclub is a network for an Ecosocially Just Tourism, comprised of individuals around the world
It's a green world
The first truly global listing of green, eco-friendly hospitality destinations. At IT'S A GREEN GREEN WORLD we bring together everybody who believes travellers should actively benefit the places they visit, sharing their prosperity with the hosting communities, and supporting those who provide sustainable services and accommodation. 

Viva Eco Africa
Viva Eco Africa is the first online green travel guide that is solely dedicated to promoting eco tourism in Africa by listing eco friendly businesses in the industry.
Responsible travelers want experiences rather than packages authenicity rather than superficial exoticism and holidays that put a little bit back into local communities and conservation. This is the future of tourism
Five Leaf System
Our aim is to help holidaymakers and people travelling on business to find hotels that value eco-performance. With this in mind, a
five-leaf system was created to classify the eco- performance of hotels.
Pack for a Purpose
Make a difference in the lives of children around the world.
Use available space in your luggage to provide
supplies to the communities you visit.
If just 500 individuals pack 5 lbs (2.27 kgs) each,
we can provide 1.25 tons of supplies!