Thank you for these amazing days at MamboViewPoint! We were immediately stunned by the beauty of MamboViewPoint. The view, the weather, the food, the hospitality, the Hiking, all spectacular!! What an amazing delight to find you at the top of the mountain. We were very happy to stay in one of the most beautiful places of Tanzania.
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Mambo is a small village with about 5000 inhabitants and in average, they have an income of less than a dollar a day. Development is still essential at all levels and in almost every aspect. 
However live is hard, people from Mambo are not pitiful, they work hard and try their best to make something out of it.

Mambo Village details

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community work
community work

Water and Energy

Meet Mambo Village


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Mambo Village

Mambo is situated in the mountains. There are no paved roads and the houses are made out of mud or bricks with iron plates on the roof

Village meeting

Once in a while there is a village meeting where the actual issues are discussed. F.e. we needed an ap
proval form the village meeting to buy the land.
village meeting
Village quarters
Mambo has 4 village quarters. Each quarter has it's own chairman. Every year each quarter has his own party

Every Thursday there is market. People bring their products to the markets to sell and buy other products back in return. Almost every day there is a market in some nearby village.
Primary school

2000 out of the 5000 inhabitants you can find on the primary school. Because of this huge number there are two shifts of 1000 children each. Still the number of teachers is too less and up to 160 children are in 1 classroom.
Children of Mambo
However they get adult tasks very early
, the children of mambo are always happy. After 2 years they still are enthusiastic to meet "wazungu" (white people).
The area is very fertile. Most people are farmers with small plots. however some have terraces many don't which causes a lot of erosion.

Voluntary work
Mambo has a real town crier! On voluntary day he blows his horn to announce that everybody has to contribute.
All people have to work for 2 hours
on that day for free. Those who are not contributing are fined with a "jogo" (chicken)
Health care
Mambo has a small health care clinic, called Dispensary. There is a nurse available, but for serious things people have to go to Lushoto. Besides the dispensary a lot of natural healers are around. They have still knowledge about medicinal plants which are available in the mountains.