Thank you for these amazing days at MamboViewPoint! We were immediately stunned by the beauty of MamboViewPoint. The view, the weather, the food, the hospitality, the Hiking, all spectacular!! What an amazing delight to find you at the top of the mountain. We were very happy to stay in one of the most beautiful places of Tanzania.
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MamboViewPoint is close to the community. Al the workers are originating from the near by villages and also the lodge is built without contractor but with local workers only. There is a village development fund and we always search for other ways of funding and contributions from individuals, companies or NGO's to improve live in the area.

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community work

Water and Energy

Meet Mambo Village


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MamboViewPoint and the millennium development goals

We try to reduce poverty and hunger by bringing employment and entrepreneurship

We are supporting schools and try to get scholarships for the bright and kids from poor families

We try to encourage women to be educated and to have jobs

We support projects for a better health care

We initiate projects for reforestation and alternatives and more efficient use of firewood

We try to connect people with knowledge and support form developed countries to people in the Usambara mountains.


Over 600 women and over 250 men were employed by shift.
Together they built the MamboViewPoint lodge. Since every worker has a family behind, almost the whole village of Mambo gained something from the building only already.
Consultation with the village
Changes can't be dictated. Together with the village is decided which projects
of the long list have priority and how it is executed.
Also the village has to adjust to some different approach like that non of the money has to be lost to individual pockets.

Added value

The Usambara mountains is a very fertile area. A lot of vegetables an
d fruits are exported to Dar es Salaam and Arusha.
We try to encourage entrepreneurship and to add value to the products there are already.
like making juice from pears and paste from tomatoes.

For th
is projects we need help from supporters and organisations. Ideas, knowledge and funding are welcome!

Examples of those projects are the MamboMee women group who learned how to make yoghurt and fresh cheese  and the project for organic farming

Everybody is cooking on wood fire. Because of that there is a lack of firewood and peoples health and the forest are in danger.
We try to search for alternatives like biogas.
With two cows it is already possible to produce enough gas for cooking and lights.

Two workers followed a course how to make it an
d are making a business out of it.

Clean drinking water is a serious problem.
Together with the village we made a pipeline from a natural source in the rainforest with taps in the village and with MamboViewPoint.
In the future the pipeline and number of taps need to be extended.
Mambo Primary School

The school toilets were old and unhygienic. Thanks of a funding from the Dutch "Herman Gorter" school
from the Netherlands we built new eco-toilets near the school.
Together with a hand washing program and organization of the cleaning the kids can go safe to the toilet again.

Unfortunately the school faces many other problems, like too less teachers, too less classrooms and hardly books, pens and paper. There still needs to be done something.
Water for the region
However according to the number of people in the region there should be 90 water pumps, there are 9 only. MamboViewPoint tries to get new water pumps.
Health care

With support from companies and guests MamboViewPoint tries to upgrade the dispensaries in the Ward by providing equipment and better facilities.
And many things more
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