Thank you for these amazing days at MamboViewPoint! We were immediately stunned by the beauty of MamboViewPoint. The view, the weather, the food, the hospitality, the hiking, all spectacular!! What an amazing delight to find you at the top of the mountain. We were very happy to stay in one of the most beautiful places of Tanzania.      
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                Incredible Landscapes

With their wide vistas, cool climate, winding paths and picturesque villages, the Usambara's around Mambo Viewpoint Eco Lodge are one of Tanzanian's highlights.
The Usambara's are a part of the ancient Eastern Arc chain which mountains stretch in a broken crescent from the Taita hills in southern Kenya down to Morogoro and the southern highlands

They are estimated to be at least 100 million years old and the rocks forming them may be as much as 600 million years old.
The mountains are home to an exceptional assortment of plants and animals and represent one of the highest degrees of biodiversity on the continent. The habitation of the Usambara┬┤s goes back to at least 1,5 million years. Traces which are unique in world-history were found near Mambo Viewpoint and still can be seen.
Nobody knows which people first settled in the Usambara's, only that the ancestors of the present Sambaa people came hundreds of years ago. In the mid 18th century a Sambaa kingdom existed which had about 60.000 people.
In the latter half of the 19th century it is reported that there was a lot of war and terror with neighboring tribes which ended with the German colonization.

Near Mambo Viewpoint Ecolodge the extremely rewarding Shagayu Rainforest offers a chance to get really close to nature. It offers a beautiful scenery, well maintained footpaths and tracks and a unique flora and fauna.
The sight of the East African camphor trees festooned with vines, lianas and strangling fig trees is astonishing.
Black-and-white colobus monkeys, chameleons and colourful sunbirds are easily seen.