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MamboViewPoint, Bus timetable

Note: the times scedules can change; inform one day before  last update: Jan 2019
Beware of pickpockets, especially @ Dar (Ubungo) and Arusha busstations!
Bus company* From To Depart Estimated travel time Back from Depart
Lushoto Sunga / MamboViewPoint 13:00 2:30 hr MamboViewPoint 6:00
<luxury bus>
Dar Es Salaam Ubungo busstation Lushoto 6:00


6 hrs Lushoto
Maaning Nice

<luxury bus>

Dar Es Salaam Ubungo busstation Lushoto 6:00 6 hrs Lushoto



Vuga line Morogoro Lushoto 7:30 8 hrs Lushoto 7:30
Mbaruku and Shambalai*** Dar es Salaam, Ubungo busstation Mtae(Mambo) 7:00 8 hrs Mambo 6:00
Fasaha Arusha (via Kilimanjaro airport) Mtae (Mambo) 6:30 8 hrs Mambo 6:00
Makadiri, Airbus  and Tashrif*** Tanga Mtae (Mambo) 7:00 7 hrs Mambo 6:00
Shashui Tanga Lushoto various 3 hrs Lushoto various
Various Tanga Lushoto various 4-6 hrs Lushoto various
Various minibusses Lushoto Lukozi   1 hr Lukozi  
Various (mini)busses Lushoto Mlalo   1.5 hr Mlalo  
Luxury Busses Dar es Salaam - Arusha back and forwards
change in Mombo to or from Lushoto
Dar express
KLM express
Ibra line
Dar es Salaam Arusha 6:00 / various
Mombo: 5 hrs
Arusha: 10 hrs
Mombo 11:00
Dar express
KLM express
Ibra line
Dar es Salaam Arusha 6:00 / various
Mombo: 5 hrs
Dar: 10 hrs
Mombo 11:00
Tahmeed Tanga Arusha various Arusha-Tanga 7 hours Mombo various
Many Mombo Lushoto many 1 hr Lushoto many
* try to arrange a bus ticket and a taxi to the bus station for the next day from your hotel.
* recommended, take the 6:00 bus en change in Lushoto to one of the others
*** those busses are supposed to pass Mambo Centre but this is unfortunately unreliable.
1) Those buses are in time to get the last ferry to Zanzibar
Your transport in Dar-Es-Salaam to and from the bus station
Recommended affordable and reliable taxi's are available with Uber (various types)

Ubungo Bus station Dar es Salaam

Taxis to and from MamboViewPoint
2 hours from or to Lushoto. Can be arranged by MamboViewPoint
send an email,
call or send a text (SMS) message to +255 78 5272150

estimated costs: Tzsh 72,000 (July 2014)

 Have also a look to our transport offer!

Also taxi arrangement possible from
/ to  Dar, Arusha, Tanga, Pangani or other.
General information buses to and from the Usambara mountains
Tip: in general it is  in Dar and Arusha the most handy to arrange your tickets via your hotel
Bus company End destination Fare p.p. (estimation)
Arusha - Lushoto  6 hrs Tzs 17.000
Fasaha Mtae  
Chaikito Mlalo  
Fasaha Mlola  
Dar es Salaam  - Lushoto  6 hrs Tzs 20.000
(tickets Ubungu bus station stall 29)
Lushoto (luxury bus)
Shambalai Lushoto (Luxury bus)
Shambalai Lushoto - Mtae  
Sai Baba Lushoto - Mlalo  
Africa one Lushoto (luxury bus)
Jeingata class Lushoto (luxury bus)
Tanga/airport - Lushoto  5 hrs Tzs 15.000
Makadiri Mtae  
Airbus Mtae  
Shashui Lushoto express bus
minibusses Lushoto  
Dar es Salaam - Arusha  10 hrs Tzs 50.000
Dar es Salaam - Mombo  5 hrs Tzs 25.000
Arusha - Mombo  5 hrs Tzs 25.000
Dar Express for Lushoto transfer in Mombo luxury
Scandinavian not driving anymore bankrupt some years ago
Sai baba for Lushoto transfer in Mombo  
Kilimanjaro (KLM) for Lushoto transfer in Mombo luxury
Ibra line for Lushoto transfer in Mombo luxury
Kidia for Lushoto transfer in Mombo luxury
Shambalai for Lushoto to Dar and Arusha luxury
Mombo - Lushoto  1 hr Tzs 5.000
Many companies   many times
Lushoto - Mtae/Mambo  1 hr Tzsh 7,000
Makadiri / Airbus
Mtae depart between 12:00 and 14:00 from Lushoto
Additional information    
children   Half fare dependant on the age
Time take care about Swahili time and English time
Swahili time = English time - 6 hours

Ferries to Zanzibar:
In general the boats below are meant for tourist and should be fairly safe.
Local (cheap) ferries and private boats are not recommended for safety reasons.
Direct, fasts and safe boats to Zanzibar leave daily from Dar es Salaam. ($ 35 one way June 2012) First boat 7:00, Last boat 16:00
Find more information on http://www.fastferriestz.com/schedules.php or http://www.azammarine.com/schedule/
Tip: only buy tickets at the official counter in the harbor or via your trusted travel agent.
Pangani-Zanzibar (Kendwa) vv info@tuliabeachlodge.com
From Pangani: every Monday, Wednesday, Friday dep 8:00 arr 9:15
To Pangani: every Monday, Wednesday, Friday dep 10:30 arr 12:00 
Tanga-Zanzibar vv: Sea star ltd 077842775  $80 pp one way (Sept 2012)
From Tanga via Pemba 4.5hr: Tuesday and Friday 12:30
To Tanga: via Pemba 4.5hr Monday 13:00 Wednesday 14:00 Saturday 14:00
From Mambo 6 hours by taxi to Pangani or 8 hours to Dar es Salaam ferry station
Flights to Zanzibar Dar and Pemba from Tanga
Coastel aviation:
Daily flights from
Tanga airport at  13:30 and 16:00 to Zanzibar  From Mambo 5 hrs by taxi to the airport.
Also daily flights from Mashado-Pangani to Zanzibar, Arusha and Dar
Auric Air
Daily flights from Tanga airport at  9:40 to Pemba  From Mambo 5 hrs by taxi to the airport.

RH Travels, Tanga (rhtravels@hotmail.com +255 653192172)

find details on  http://www.tropicalair.co.tz and http://www.auricair.com/

Daily morning flights @ 7.45 and 9.15 am from Tanga to Pemba - Zanzibar - Dar.
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